July 12th, 2013 by Mohamed Aamer

The number sequence is the control point to ensure the transactions, and master data IDs are serialized, the IDs structure is an important task in the Design Phase and it is executed by the application consultant and the concerned parties for each business area.

This post will discuss the mechanism of increment new sequence for a specific record (vendor ID) if user 1 created a vendor record by press (Ctrl + N), Dynamics AX 2012 increment new record number (Status: Undecided) and add the next new number which will be used for the next record. If the user decided to cancel the creation process without saving it, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 store the number as reserved (Status: None), if the user decided to create another record will take the reserved number, and the same case if another user creates a record.












Hereunder a screen shots illustrate the number sequence.

The last created record ID is: 900112, and next number is: 900113












A new record created (Ctrl + N), AX 2012 propose the new number (900113) and in the status list gives it a status of Undecided, and increment a new record in the Next filed (900114)




















The user cancel the creation process without saving.














The number sequence 900113 status is None, which means if a the same user or another user will create a record will take this number.



















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