February 21st, 2013 by Mohamed Aamer

In the previous blog post I have explored Microsoft Dynamics AX – Customer Credit Limit Management – Setup. In this post I will focus on the execution of credit limit control in the transaction level.

I have create a new customer, here Microsoft Dynamics AX consider customer balance is zero.

Creates a new Sales Order for this customer with 1000.00 USD.

 Check customer credit limit, Microsoft Dynamics AX give the info log indicates that the Credit limit exceeded




















Open balance: 0.00 “Current customer balance from customer advanced collections, and open sales orders”
Current order: 1,000.00 “Current sales order amount” 
New balance: 1,000.00
Credit limit: 0.00 “Non cash credit limit which assigned to customer”
Credit excess: 1,000.00 “Amount exceeded from customer balance”

Open balance = – customer advanced collection + open sales order amount  

New balance = Open balance + Current order

Credit excess = New balance – credit limit  

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