March 17th, 2013 by Mohamed Aamer

I have shared with you the E-Mail notifications in MS Dynamics AX 2012, in this post I will share with you an issue I have faced this morning.

Symptom the alert rules does not send any email from a while, the email sending status is Failed.

Diagnosis was a joint effort between IT specialist and myself we have checked all setups and settings, I followed the list in   E-Mail notifications in MS Dynamics AX 2012, and he reviewed the Exchange settings, and setup. The new thing is upgrading the Exchange Server from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010.

I was using an alias sender email from DAX. And the Exchange 2010 could not recognize this alias since it is not registered on the email account information.

The solution is adding the alias in the email account information in Exchange Server 2010.

So if you upgrade to Exchange 2010, or already have Exchange 2010 and using Microsoft Dynamics AX email notification you must register the alias name in the Exchange Server under the email you’re using as sender.

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