September 17th, 2012 by Mohamed Aamer

During the daily operations in journal entries in MS Dynamics AX 2012 whether these journals are related to General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Accounts payable, Accounts receivables, and inventory journals movement, Transfer journals, and BOM.

It is normal to have more than journal name under the same journal type, each journal name serves specific business transactions based on the business requirements gathering in the Analysis Phase.

Controllers and internal auditors are keen to apply the process segregation of duties between end users, in other hand to ensure the quality of data entry, they are requires to make each end user only access specific journal names which are related to their jobs, for example the company have two end users responsible for inventory issuances one for raw materials, and the another for spare parts, this requirement should be applied on the system. The Application consultant has more than direction to fulfill this requirement whether apply journal name blocking function, or record level security (I will discuss it in other post).

The journal blocking for private user group function is applied on the journal name configuration form, when activating this function, then select a specific user group, the reflection of this configuration on MS Dynamics AX 2012 when the end user creates new journal the application check the authorized user group for this journal name and opens –in the combo box – the accepted journal names for this user group. It may getting more burden on the administrator to create and maintain user groups, but it makes the data entry, and journal name selection more easier  


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