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Controllers may require that each account should only accept specific currencies or currency and he/she need this control point from the application in order to prevent any transaction occurred on the account by other currency.

MS Dynamics AX offers a very decent control on ledger accounts regarding currency control, the Application Consultant and Controller working together during design phase to identify which accounts will apply the currency control setup on it.

MS Dynamics AX - Ledger Account (Currency Control)

The validation code options:-

Optional Entry of a dimension value is optional; whether accountant select value or not
To be filled in Entry of a dimension value is mandatory; accountant must select any value if not selected the transaction will not be posted That requires accountant to select proper value for transaction (it may leads to misleading information if the accountant is not accurate in his selection)
Table Set dimension value to be specific on ledger account and accountant could not select any other value except that value
List The accountant only can select a dimension from dimension list table

During the transaction execution, if the accountant change the currency following infolog will “The currency must be EGP for account ######″

MS Dynamics AX - Ledger Account (Currency Control) Entry














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