October 10th, 2012 by Mohamed Aamer

Each ledger account has a natural accounting balance whether it is debit or credit, and may be this account always debited/credited. Controllers may requires that these accounts should has a control point from the application in order to prevent end users from changing the entry side of the account.

MS Dynamics AX offers a very decent control on ledger accounts regarding account side (debit, credit) in the transaction, MS Dynamics AX Application Consultant and Controller working together during design phase to identify which accounts will apply the Debit/Credit Requirements setup on it.

MS Dynamics AX - Ledger Account (DR_CR Requirement) During the transaction execution, if the control will be breached the following info log will popup “The main account on combination 110180-20-1001 is set up to be used only for debit transactions. You must select a main account that is set up only for credit transactions, or that has no debit or credit requirements.”

The setup on ledger account debit/credit requirements is debit, and the end user tries to enter transaction in the credit side.

MS Dynamics AX - Ledger Account (DR_CR requirment) Entry 


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