July 31st, 2011 by Mohamed Aamer

MS Dynamics AX 2009 has a very detailed information about inventory items; it gives a comprehensive information regarding stock which gives a clear vision about what in stock, what is reserved for customer  or to be issued out, what is ordered from vendor or received in, and what have been posted or still in open transaction.

The below table descript the information in Items On hand form under Inventory Management->Common Forms->Item details->On hand button

Or could be accessed through Sales Order/ Purchase Order/Inventory Movement/Production Order under Inventory button->On Hand

# Label Description Comment
1 Physical inventory Total available quantities  
2 Physical reserved Quantities reserved in Sales Order  
3 Available Physical Available physical quantities for transactions  3 = 1 – 2
4 Ordered in total Total quantities in open Purchase Order (did not received yet)  
5 Ordered reserved Quantities reserved from Purchase Order (did not received yet)  
6 Available for reservation  Quantities in open Purchase Orders
(did not received yet) available for reservation
6 = 3 + (4 – 5)
7 On order in total Quantity in open Sales Order (did not delivered yet)   
8 Total Available Net available physical quantities for transaction 8 = 6 – 7
9 Posted quantity Quantities posted financially  
10 Deducted Quantities have physical packing list updates in Sales Order  
11 Picked Quantities have picking list update in Sales Order  
12 Received Quantities have physical updates in Purchase Order  
13 Registered Quantities have registered in Purchase Order  
14 Physical cost amount Amount posted in ledger physically  
15 Financial cost amount Amount posted in leader financially  
16 Cost price Item average cost  

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