June 21st, 2010 by Mohamed Aamer

 Microsoft Dynamics AX product  journey passed by number of stop points shares sold, and bough back, merge, acquisition, and product rebranding. The history of MS Dynamics AX is 27 years old, let us pinpoint the key millstones.

Application was started since 1983 founded by brothers Erik and Preben Damgaard in Copenhagen, Denmark, known DANMAX.

Then IBM invested and bough 50% shares from Damgaard Software Company during 1994 – 1996 at this time the application comes to United States

Afterwards the product development life cycle take another shape it became Axapta 1 in 1998 and bought out 50% back from IBM

Year 2000 merge time with Navasion was their competitor in the market, it was strategic merge, at that time new version was released Axapta 2

Microsoft acquired Navasion – Axapta in 2002 at that time new version was released with first time Microsoft brand name Microsoft Axapta 3

Time of product rebranding to be Microsoft Dynamics AX in 2005 it’s the birth of current product name Microsoft Dynamics AX

A year after in 2006 new version is released Microsoft Dynamics AX 4 this version is get the look and feel of Microsoft Corporate

 In 2009 the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Now we are waiting the new version Microsoft Dynamics AX 6   of application journey

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