September 16th, 2011 by Mohamed Aamer

I consider MS Dynamics AX 2012 is the killer application in ERP market; this version of MS Dynamics AX changes the game of business applications, during the virtual lunch a lot of buzz words have grabbed my attention which highlight customer needs, and highlight MS Dynamics AX 2012 capabilities.

The main approach behind MS Dynamics AX 2012 is Powerfully Simple this is a combination of powerful business application functionality, capabilities, and simple in deployment, adoption, and maintenance at the same time, this concept illustrates how MS Dynamics AX 2012 kept apart from other ERPs in the market which does not deliver the promised values these applications are like “an electronic  concrete”  as mentioned in virtual lunch.

 Customers have to forget about complex functionality, boring deployment, lack of resources adoption, and being trapped in locked business process changes.

Customers have to focus on their business objectives, MS Dynamics AX 2012 helping organizations to achieve visibility across organization, ability to manage organization structure, being dynamic business to keep a head to market changes where changes in business environment are rapidly occurs more than before, MS Dynamics AX 2012 giving customers more insights by powerful business intelligent and analytics it could be tailored for role center.

How MS Dynamics AX 2012 is delivered?

Get simplicity out of the box functionality, easy to use, easy to deploy, easy to maintain, and familiar interface of other Microsoft product (MS Office, and MS Share point) easily resources adoption

“MS Dynamics AX 2012 is connect people and information at anytime from anywhere “Steve Ballmer

MS Dynamics AX 2012 Virtual Launch on Demand 

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