September 11th, 2011 by Mohamed Aamer

Recently  I have shared fiscal year close was discussing how to close fiscal year after uploading opening balances which discussed before, this blog is related to the previous two posts where  the Financial Consultant and Controllership team are getting the results of their work throughout printing trial balance.

Under General Ledger-> Reports->Transactions->Periodic-> Trial Balance


  • From: Enter start date of report date range
  • To: Enter end date of report date range
    Tips: Trial balance date range should be within one fiscal year
    Info log message “From date is in fiscal year 2010. To date is in fiscal year 2011. Dates must be in same fiscal year.”

Details level

  • Summary: to summarize the transaction on each account
  • Details: to report each detailed transaction entry occurred on account


  • None: Generate report for all accounts in the chart of accounts
  • Opening balances: Generate report for accounts only have opening balances
  • Transaction: Generate report for accounts for account have transaction (month/period) movement
  • Closing balances:  Generate report for accounts have closing balance
  • Include opening check box: Include opening balance in the monthly movement

Print out of Trial Balance Report

Account Number

Account Name Opening Balance Debit Credit Net difference

Closing Balance

Account number in the chart of Accounts Account name/description in the chart of accounts Opening balance amount, after performing Fiscal year closing Debit transaction amount occurred on that account Credit transaction amount occurred on that account Difference between both sides= Debit – Credit Closing balance for that account at the end date range.= Net difference + Opening Balance


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