September 11th, 2011 by Mohamed Aamer

Recently I have shared MS Dynamics AX 2009 opening balances upload was discussing opening balances different approaches, this blog is related to the previous one where the Financial Consultant and Controllership team are getting the results of their work throughout closing fiscal year.

Under General Ledger-> periodic->Fiscal year close

Enter end date: Example 12/31/2011

Transfer method:

  • Closing->Opening: in order to close previous year
  • Reset: in order to reopen closed previous year










Account for transfer of year-end close: Select Retained Earning Account from chart of accounts

Voucher number: Enter voucher number example; CLO2011 that appear in the account transaction details

Tips: If this task does not performed and the opening balances already entered (12/31/2011) the transaction will not be reported as opening balances, will be reported as month movment.

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