July 27th, 2011 by Mohamed Aamer

Enterprise Resource Planning applications make financial more easier where make the transaction in the sub-module and voucher entry created and posted automatically. The integration points in MS Dynamics AX 2009 called Posting Profiles where identify which ledger account will be hitting after posting transaction. Below a summarization of all automatic GL entries occurred in Account Payable module (Procurement) showing the financial effect for each transaction 

Financial entries effect of Procurment
Packing Slip Dr. Inventory Clearing Account (received)
        Cr. AP Clearing Account
Invoice  Dr. AP Clearing Account
        Cr. Inventory Clearing Account (received)
Dr. Inventory (Purchase receipt)
        Cr. AP Account
Payment Dr. AP Account
        Cr. Bank
Discount  Dr. AP Account
        Cr. Purchase Discount Account
Counting (+) Dr. Inventory (Receipt)
        Cr. Inventory Adjustment (Profit)
closing (+)
        Cr. Inventory (Issue)
Misc.Charges Dr. Inventory (receipt) purchase amount + Misc.Charges
        Cr. AP Account (purchase amount + Misc.Charges)
Misc.Charges  Dr. Inventory (receipt) purchase amount
Dr. Inventory (receipt) Mic.Charges amount 
        Cr. AP Account (purchase amount)
        Cr. Expenses Account (Misc.Charges amount)

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