January 31st, 2010 by Mohamed Aamer

This discussion open up from time to time at both sides customer and providers with several inquires

  • What is fitting business needs?
  • Which will gives top management monitoring and control?
  • Which will report accurate timely information?
  • Which will help in enhancing core business functions process?
  • Which will be delivered in time?


Ready Made


  • Studying the market needs (segment, industry)
  • Research and development are accumulated on the past experience
  • Mixed focus on latest technologies and new business needs
  • Complex sales process takes time
  • Provider needs more pre-sales effort demos / prove of concepts to ensure the application will fulfill business requirements
  • Customer should be aware there are changes will occurred on business process
  • Customer needs more investigation concerning the application, reference and live prove of concept
  • Ad-hoc according to customer request
  • Ends when the project delivered to customer
  • Focus on technology which fulfill business need
  • Simple sales process takes short time
  • Provider should have the skill set to understand business requirements, and industry needs
  • Customer ensure the business requirements will be fulfilled as is
  • Provider past experience as industry expert helps in planning
  • Time and cost could be estimated according to the followed implementation methodology
  • Effort is focused on mapping the business to application (analysis phase) so that the main focus on the business itself
  • Provider focus on fit/gab analysis, identify the As Is / To BeĀ business process
  • Provider and customer share the risk, and that managed by project management methodology, and contract type accordingly
  • Provider could plan for development if it’s nessary to customer requirements
  • Application out of the box may need developed functionality to fulfill specific industry needs (Industry Solution)
  • Provider past experience in development helps in planning
  • Time and cost could be estimated if the scope baseline is well defined
  • Effort is focused on development life cycle as whole
  • Provider and customer share the risk, and that managed by project management methodology, and contract type accordingly
  • Provider risk, is developing the application from scratch even if it was done in previous project, since the developed application is tinny customized to requirements not easy to configured
  • Customer focus on how business cases will be handled on application during analysis and pilot (prove of concept)
  • Customer gain value added by using application features which lead to business process reenginering to enhance business process
  • Accelerated deployment process (rapid implementation)
  • Provider focus on implementing the development life cycle (Requirements gathering, design, development, testing, and deployment)
  • Customer focus on ensuring that how his/her business will be treated on the application specially in the analysis phase (if the customer not aware of the application)
  • Customer may not gain value added from application since the requirements are developed As Is
Monitoring and Controlling
  • Monitoring and controlling on the level of business process on the application
  • Monitoring and controlling on the quality of application development (quality control, testing, retesting) and ensuring the requirements are fulfilled
  • Enhancing the operational process and results by advancing the functionality usage
  • Reporting issues to provider for fixes
  • Regular maintenance tasks (backup, and user mistakes)
  • Enhancing application performance
  • ReportingĀ  raised bugs to provider to fix it
  • Start develop the other functional areas
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