November 7th, 2011 by Mohamed Aamer

I have shared master data upload in a previous post –How to upload master data into MS Dynamics AX 2009 – this post will discuss the best practices in uploading vendors, customers, and employees

The first step to begin uploading vendors, customers, and employee is identifying prerequisites data “mandatory fields”, and related tables, that could be know from forms itself or exported Excel sheet “cells shaded in red”.

Hint if it’s your first time to upload master data, I’d prefer to create a record on the form as guidance then export the Excel sheet with data.

Hereunder the best practices to ensure smooth upload of vendors, customers, and employees.

1- Vendors, customer, and employees are sharing Address book ID, when creating new record it recalls address book ID from number sequence, so let us start from Global Address book table (DirPartyTable), consultant should have a complete list of vendors, customers, and employees.

Export Global Address book table (DirPartyTable) and list vendor names, customer names, and employee names,  and give the number sequence to each record “it’s very important sheet since you will use it when uploading each table”

Import  (DirPartyTable) , now the global address book form are contains vendors, customers, and employees 

2- Copy  from DirPartyTable the global address book ID and past it into Vendor, customer, and employees master data sheets.
This assignment should be done three times for each data collection sheet o vendors, customers, and employees.


Hit, if the global address book ID does not assigned in the master data sheets, the upload operations will not completed probably, the data are imported to its tables (vendtable, custtable, and empltable) but no data could be accessed from the form.


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