September 11th, 2011
Mohamed Aamer
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Recently  I have shared fiscal year close was discussing how to close fiscal year after uploading opening balances which discussed before, this blog is related to the previous two posts where  the Financial Consultant and Controllership team are getting the results of their work throughout printing trial balance. Under General Ledger-> Reports->Transactions->Periodic-> Trial Balance Dates: […]

June 21st, 2010
Mohamed Aamer
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 Microsoft Dynamics AX product  journey passed by number of stop points shares sold, and bough back, merge, acquisition, and product rebranding. The history of MS Dynamics AX is 27 years old, let us pinpoint the key millstones. Application was started since 1983 founded by brothers Erik and Preben Damgaard in Copenhagen, Denmark, known DANMAX. Then IBM invested […]