December 23rd, 2011 by Mohamed Aamer

Mohamed is a proactive individual who would make a great addition to any team. I would highly recommend him for any position, as he is passionate about his work and very determined.

1st Hana Shoukry Customer Service Supervisor at Asec Minya,  Hana worked with Mohamed at ASEC Cement


I had the opportunity of working with Mohammed and I really appreciate the sort of person he is. I found him to be very helpful, knowledgeable and hardworking. He was an important contributor to the implementation and support to so many modules(AX) in Al Takamol Cement Company in Sudan. He is very energetic and consistently delivers high quality work product and assist his co-worker at every opportunity.

1st  Anwar Daoud Commercial Administration Manager at Al Takamol Cement Company

Anwar worked directly with Mohamed at ASEC Cement


Mohamed is a very creative person with an open mind also he is a very cooperative person .

1st Mohamed Farouk elkayssouni MBA In Financial Management, Mohamed Farouk worked directly with Mohamed at ASEC Cement


Mohamed is a self motivated caliber who is willing to take challenges and resolve problems with no barriers. His areas of strength is patience, analytical skills and high emotional intelligence.

1st Haitham Faris Haitham was Mohamed’s client


Mohamed is one of the few people whom I have had the pleasure of working with Him, He has a great attitude. He builds strong bonds and relationships with his colleagues which delivers a great results. Mohamed is a highly effective Business Consultant with a strong Technical and business background, Plus he is a very dedicated colleague , hard working person and multi-task active consultant.

1st Ayman Shalaby Group Operations Lead at ASEC Cement, Ayman worked directly with Mohamed at ASEC Cement


Dear Mohamed,
I’d like to appreciate your effort of the support and innovation in our field of MS Dynamics AX


1st Ahmed Nasser. ERP Assistant manager at Qatar Alpha Beton Ready Mix, Ahmed worked directly with Mohamed at ASEC Cement


“Mohamed has a great understanding of Microsoft Dynamics AX which makes him a great resource if you’re looking to leverage Microsoft Dynamics AX for your business.
Mohamed also spends a lot of time helping others learn more about AX through his contributions within the forums and his blog. These contributions really highlight the amount of knowledge Mohamed has around the product. He’s been a key factor in the success of our Microsoft Dynamics AX community.” November 29, 2012

1st Nick Hoban, Microsoft Dynamics Community Project Manager, Xtreme Consulting Group, Inc. was with another company when working with Mohamed at ASEC Cement


““Mohamed is really a hard worker, yet he works intelligently, he takes his time in understanding the business and gives a solution for every situation we faced, very dependable. He is customer oriented and business development guy. Mohamed has always exceeded the expectations. He is an added value to any organization and always has his add-in.” October 31, 2012

1st Shaimaa Farid, Head of Business Application Support,

iSource Global worked directly with Mohamed at ElRaed


Mohamed is a smart & creativity consultant have a wonderful cooperation ethic. He had a mega experience in AX & Retail & his blog in net is very useful. he is a wonderful colleague & will be nice manager.

October 24, 2012, Islam worked directly with Mohamed at Right Experts


“Mohamed introduced himself to our group and offered his services to our members. He is extremely knowledgeable on the AX product and is always willing to share his vast knowledge and expertise on anything. He is very personable and excited to be involved in whatever we can involve him in. He is an excellent product expert and his willingness to help is a fantastic benefit. I recommend him to anyone looking to hire or work with an AX product expert. He would be a great asset to any team.” October 11, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

1st Lyndsey Creamer
hired Mohamed as a IT Consultant in 2011


“Aamer will be a very good Manager one day, because:
1- He is trying to align himself with company’s objectives, and focus on it.
2- He has a very positive attitude that is very useful to the company.
3- His positiveness has radiations on his colleagues.
4- Very good team player, wherever his place.
5- A one who can make a good network and maintain it successfully.
6- Performing fast, and deciding slowly…so he arrives safely.
I enjoyed working with him.” September 27, 2012

1st Ashraf Nasrat, CPIM, Business Process Analyst, ASEC Cement
worked directly with Mohamed at ASEC Cement


“Mohammed is very hard worker, He can work under pressure easily . also he has good communications with all people in his environment.” September 23, 2012

Ahmad Mokhtar, Senior Accountant, ASEC Cement
worked directly with Mohamed at ASEC Cement


“We worked together for 1 year and I have always been impressed by his strong commitment to the company. He is also very interested in learning new techniques and ready to manage difficult situations. Finally He is very positive and trying as much as possible to solve problems autonomoulsy. I enjoyed working with him & I wish i can work with him again.” September 20, 2012

Waleed Eraky, Compensation & Benefits Supervisor, ASEC Cement
worked directly with Mohamed at ASEC Cement


“Mohamed is a motivated and seasoned finance professional who demonstrates his passion for IT solutions and Microsoft Dynamics AX through his contributions to, as well his work on his own blog, speaking engagements, and other community activities. His articles on have generated significant interest from our readers and we are grateful for his contributions.” April 15, 2012

Jason Gumpert, Editor,
was with another company when working with Mohamed at ASEC Cement


“Dear Mohamed , simply you are the best account mannager i done work with him , you are a professional consultant for retail business and one of most respect man i seen”

Ahmed Dardiry, director IT Manager, Carina Wear
was with another company when working with Mohamed at ElRaed


“Through the Few Months i have worked with Mohamed i admit that he Never fail his managers.. likewise, he look like a work addicted .” October 26, 2011

Ramy Mamdouh, Senior Reporting at ASEC Cement, ASEC Cement
worked directly with Mohamed at ASEC Cement

“Mohamed is a great person to work with. He posses solid experience in the consulting and partner management for IT and Solution industry.He is well exposed to the art of managing teams and vendors alike. During my work with Mohamed, I’ve experienced professionalism, efficiency, and passion to details and solving problems. I recommend Mohamed without hesitation to everyone who is looking to work with a go-getter and a person who enjoys working with challenges.” September 4, 2011

Karim Hanafy, ERP Product Manager Gulf Region, Microsoft
was with another company when working with Mohamed at Right Experts

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————“Mohamed Aamer is a very good business consultant with solid experince in Dynamics AX,i worked with him in one of the largest and critical project in our organization,he was very helpful and Team player also as Co-worker, he consider so much with quality, and he has mush ideas beside he is good reader which is serve the work and add value to project, hope to work with mohamed again.” March 29, 2011

Hisham Alsayed, Technical Microsoft Dynamics AX, Right Group.
worked directly with Mohamed at Right Experts

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————“Mohamed is a highly talented consultant, possessing capabilities that combine the expert level understanding of system functionalities, coupled with a relationship management profile that all result in servicing a client at the highest level of satisfaction.

I highly reccomend him as a compenent and affective consultant, and look forward to future oportunities to have him consult for my organization.” January 14, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Ashraf Aly, IT Department Manager at YAMAHA MotorSports, USA  
hired Mohamed as a IT Consultant in 2010

“Mohamed is extremely intelligent, highly motivated, & passionate about Microsoft technologies, especially the Dynamics line up of suites. His enthusiasm is contagious, his English is great, & his business ethics perfect. I highly recommend Mohamed to any corporation without any reserve.” December 21, 2010

Kim Schmidt, Lead Consultant, Strategic Demand Consulting, Strategic Demand Consulting
worked with Mohamed at Right Experts


“Mohd is a very good service provider,he is very active, smart, and has an analytical thinking. He doesn’t take things for granted and always willing to understand every thing”” February 16, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Amal Majid Elali, Brand Manager 
hired Mohamed as a IT Consultant in 2009

“Mohamed he has a big knowledge and experience in ERP field and Retail business solutions.
Besides his pleasent personality and trustworthy person.” December 16, 2010

Ahmed Rafik MCITP, MCBMSP, CPT, NLP Coach, Professional Service Specialist, Elraed For Information Technology
worked with Mohamed at ElRaed

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity December 10, 2010

Victor Fayez
hired Mohamed as a Business Consultant in 2010

“It is my pleasure to recommend Mohamed for employment with your organization. I have known Mohamed for over three years. I have been consistently impressed with Mohamed’s attitude and productivity during the time that he has worked in the company.” December 6, 2010

Anas Zaher, Art Director / Designer, iSource Global
worked directly with Mohamed at ElRaed

“I worked with Mohamed for approximately 4 months before I left iSource, and I have kept my relationship with Mohamed.

Mohamed is a very articulated and detailed person, a goal oriented character who knows what he wants and has the will and determination to achieve it. He always seeks to advance and raise his level of knowledge and skill.

Mohamed has great potential to become a very successful professional in his area” December 5, 2010

Tarek Refaat, Sr. Business analyst, iSource
worked with Mohamed at ElRaed
———————————————————————————————————————————————————————“Mohamed Aamer brings lot of enthuse and energy with him and is generous to pass them to others as well. Aamer is an enterprising personality.” December 13, 2010

Raghupathy Nagarajan, Axapta Functional Consultant, Synergy Software Systems,
studied with Mohamed at Microsoft Dubai
———————————————————————————————————————————————————————“Mohamed has a brilliant way for innovating ideas on the spot, in different knowledge areas; although some of them were away from his educational background and/or his business; he is still able to improvise out-of-the-box suggestions that leads to excellent results. He is a fantastic team leader and a perfect team member, making everybody happy working with him. And he is a noble competitor when you are not in his team.” December 8, 2010

Moustapha Bekheet, PMP, Student, The American University in Cairo,
studied with Mohamed at The American University in Cairo

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